Bhramari Pranayama and Meditation for living in a beautiful state

Bhramari Pranayama, also known as humming bee breath, bumble bee breath, or bee breath is a fantastic technique to try, if you’ve never tried it before. Named after the black bumble bee of India, the humming sensation it creates helps with sense withdrawal (Pratyahara) and concentration (Dharana). It can be used with Shanmukki Mudra where the fingers are used to close the 6 gates of perception (eyes, ears, lips) but for this blog, we simply look at the pranayama technique itself.

Bhramari Pranyama and meditation

The consistent continuous humming tone on the exhale you can play around with in terms of noticing where you feel the vibration in the body. Deep tone vibrations can be used to work on the lower chakras while higher tone vibrations can be used to work on the upper chakras. Try various different tones of humming and see how it feels in the body.

To practice Bhramari Pranayama we simply breathe in through the nose and exhale through the nose while making a humming sound with the lips closed.

Some of the amazing benefits of Bramahari Pranayama are-

  • Calms and quietens the mind
  • Releases tension in the head.
  • Soothes the nervous system
  • Relives stress and anxiety
  • Relieves anger
  • Great before bed to help with sleep

Meditation Practice

Try this short practice incorporating Bhramari Pranayama to live life in a beautiful state.

    1. Find a comfortable seated position that you can maintain comfortably for 20 minutes maximum. You can shorten the practice by limiting the number of rounds of breath.
    2. Touch your thumb and index finger for one round of breath (inhale and exhale) then move along each fingertip until you get to your little finger. Repeat this for 8 or 12 conscious breaths increasing your body awareness with the touch of each tip of the finger.
    3. Repeat the above with Bhramari Pranayama for 8 or 12 breaths.
    4. Bring awareness to the “pause between the inhale and exhale for the next 8 or 12 breaths. Not holding a pause, just noticing the pause by just bringing attention to it. Normal breathing in and out through the nose.
    5. Next 8 – 12 breaths chant internally on the exhale, “I am the limitless consciousness “
    6. Gently touch the thumb and index finger and keep this hand position. See yourself expanding into light, becoming one with the unitary fabric of life. Pause for some time. At this point feel expanded, calm feeling one with everything.
    7. In this state hold, one heart-felt intention you wish to see manifest itself in your life. See it, feel it, or think very deeply about it. Feel it happening in your life. See yourself doing this. Pause.
    8. Feel a sense of warmth in your heart, and bring a gentle smile to your face.
    9. Slowly, open your eyes. Feel inner joy and peace.

Such a simple and beautiful practice that you can fit in easily to your life.


KP xx