QHHT Reviews

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

“My Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique session with Kirstin was a fantastic experience. Having never done anything like this previously I was a little apprehensive. However, Kirstin talked me through the entire process and completely put my mind at ease. It was a very enlightening experience and the knowledge you come away with can be used in everyday life to help understand your current situation and help provide guidance. One truly incredible outcome from the session was, the pain that I had been experiencing in my elbow for a number of months completely cleared up, which did leave me a little speechless. Overall, it was a fantastic experience and I would highly recommend people give it a try. Thanks again Kirstin.”


‘My QHHT session with Kirstin was amazing. She made me feel very comfortable and the whole experience was wonderful. Kirstin is so friendly and knowledgeable and her kind and caring manner immediately put me at ease. The session gave me answers and made sense of things that had happened in my life. I would highly recommend Kirstin.’


‘I’d been considering regression therapy but didn’t really know where to start. When I’d realised Kirstin was studying to become a QHHT practitioner, I didn’t hesitate. Despite not knowing what to expect & feeling slightly nervous, Kirstin reassured me & put me at ease instantly by clearly explaining the process in detail beforehand. Regarding the session itself, I found it to be surprisingly relaxing. Kirstin patiently & confidently guided me through my experience, gaining as much information along the way as possible, regardless. I still feel many positive effects even weeks later, eg. not taking on negativity from external sources as I did before & general mental clarity among other things.

I would highly recommend Kirstin to anyone seeking this type of hypnotherapy.’


Kirstin was warm and welcoming and creates a very calm atmosphere. Prior to the session we have a getting to know you conversation. This in itself was very helpful. Kirstin is a great listener and asks questions gently and appropriately. She also explains exactly what happens during the session and really puts you at ease. It really helps set you up for the next part of the experience. She takes you back to another time and asks you questions about where you are and what you are seeing. One of the things that is really fascinating is that at no point do you feel that you are not fully present. It is not something that is being ‘done’ to you – you are sharing what you are seeing in a completely safe and comfortable environment. It seems unusual at first to do this – it may feel like you are making things up but very quickly you trust yourself to not put blocks on what comes up. As an example of this during the regression Kirstin asked me where I lived and a word came into my head . It wasn’t a name that I have any recollection of knowing and in fact was quite an unusual word. However later on that night I looked it up and discovered it was a place that existed and was listed in an Almanac from the 1900’s. One of the valuable features of the session is the conversation when Kirstin brings you back to the present. This discussion uses what you have said and seen and how it can resonate to who you are now. It is massively helpful in considering traits, behaviours and how you may relate to people in your life. It gives you a different perspective and on reflection you can find yourself ‘letting go’ of some feelings you might be holding on to that don’t serve you.  I would definitely recommend this whole experience and I would do it again .