An Introduction

Shine is a unique and intriguing concept aimed at fostering mental and physical wellbeing while promoting peace, love and understanding in your life. The concept of Shine emphasises the importance of self-discovery as a means to achieve inner peace and balance.

Crafted by Jane Kerr, Kirstin Purdie and Linda Donoghue, Shine is a collaboration of their collective experiences and personal journeys of awakening, bringing a profound depth of understanding, empathy and compassion to their work with Shine. Their own experiences of growth and transformation fuel their commitment to helping others and by approaching their work with an open mind and an open heart, Jane, Kirstin and Linda create a welcoming and supportive environment for participants to explore and embrace their own paths toward self-discovery and healing.

In a time often marked by uncertainty and complexity, Shine serves as a guiding light, helping you navigate challenges and cultivate a sense of fulfilment and understanding in your life. By promoting self-awareness integrating and fostering positive attitudes, Shine will empower you to overcome obstacles and lead a more fulfilling life, with resilience and grace.

How the Shine Series works

Shine is a complete Series of 3 workshops.  Each workshop is split into 3 parts, running over 3 days, with a deliberate and systematic approach to fostering self-discovery and personal growth. Each workshop builds upon the previous one, allowing you to delve deeper into YOUR journey of awakening and exploration.   While you have the option to repeat individual workshops, it’s essential to complete each block IN FULL before progressing to the next one. This structured approach ensures a comprehensive understanding and integration of the concepts presented in each block.  On completion of each workshop there is also the opportunity to meet up with the Kindred Team via an On-line catch up to discuss your progress, ask questions and share any insights.

In each workshop of the Shine Series, you can expect to receive both theoretical knowledge and practical tools for the subject at hand. The workshops are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of various concepts related to self-discovery, personal growth and spiritual awakening, while also offering tangible techniques and practices for implementation in daily life.

You’ll be guided through each topic using tools which are intended to deepen understanding, foster self-awareness and facilitate inner transformation. The Universe truly does have your back! All you have to do is learn how to listen!

Throughout the workshops, you may experience subtle changes in your being, often referred to as Energetic Shifts. These shifts signify shifts in consciousness, awareness and energy patterns as you engage with the material and practices provided. These changes can be profound and transformative, but it’s important to progress slowly through them to avoid overwhelming the system with too much change all at once.

By allowing time for integration between workshops and honouring the natural pace of your energetic shifts, you can navigate your journey of self-discovery with greater ease and grace. This gradual approach supports deeper transformation and alignment with one’s true self over time.

Overall, the progressive pathway of the Shine Series workshops, coupled with the recognition of energetic shifts and the importance of pacing oneself, provides a supportive framework for you to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Through patience, dedication and mindful engagement, you can navigate each shift with resilience and emerge empowered to live authentically and aligned with your highest potential.

Body, Mind & Soul

These 3 workshops offer a journey into the concept of the “Triune” self.

The Body

The Mind

The Soul

You are far more than just a mind residing in a physical body. You are a multidimensional being, living in a world full of possibilities.

In our fast-paced world, we find ourselves constantly balancing family, work and social obligations. More often than not, we are consumed by our minds and thoughts, leaving little or no room to pay attention to our physical body or our soul and what they both are trying to tell us.  These precious messages can be neglected and often overlooked, due to this constant mind chatter and this neglect can lead to a gradual accumulation of stress, tension and a state of DIS-EASE, eventually manifesting as physical pain, illness and overall disease.

Collectively, the 3 workshops are designed to teach you how to become aware of all of the elements that create who you are as a human being.  All elements of “the self” – the Body, the Mind and the Soul.

Throughout each full day session, you’ll delve into the essence of each aspect of your being. Through a blend of various techniques you will learn effective and powerful techniques to ground yourself in your physical being, quieten your mind and connect with who you truly are. Through learning these practices, you’ll tap into your boundless potential for self-realisation, manifestation and self-healing.

On completion of each workshop (3 days each), you will leave with not only a greater understanding of the “Multidimensional Being” that you are, living in a world full of possibilities, you’ll also have a toolbox of practices to allow you to continue the exploration of your Body, Mind and Soul.

Workshops Explained

Workshop  1  (3 days)

Part 1 (Day 1) – The Body

Sunday 15th September 2024

In this workshop you will first learn about basic concepts of energy; everything is energy!

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed it can only be changed from one form to another.”   Sir Albert Einstein

You will then learn how to energetically become fully present in your physical body, be taught the importance of physical grounding and learn practical techniques of grounding yourself physically to the earth.

You will explore how to become aware of what the physical sensations in your body are trying to tell you and become equipped with affirmations, intentions for the physical body as well as deep physical relaxation via meditative practice.   This will allow you to care for your physical body and initiate a self-healing process.

“You are not supposed too ever be sick! Your body is a miraculous machine that has been created to take care of itself and heal itself if you don’t interfere.”  Dolores Cannon

Every illness or disease is simply your body talking to you.  It’s up to you to listen. This can start as subtle little aches and pains; pain is a good way that the body can get your attention.  If you don’t listen to these signs from the body, then overtime this can develop into illness and disease requiring medical attention. To prevent illness and disease, you need to learn how to listen to your body and then talk to your body.  Your body loves you and loves you to talk to it and ask it “what are you trying to tell me, what do you need me to know?” Learning to work with your body, not against it is a wonderful state to live in.

Within your body you have an entire Universe of cells, molecules, organs and organ systems.  If you begin to pay attention, listen to it, learn to talk to it, be grateful for it, love it, then that Universe within you begins to listen and the body’s state of dis-ease can begin to transform into one of ease, peace, love and joy.

Part 2 (Day 2) – The Mind

Sunday 3rd November 2024

In this second workshop you will learn to quieten the mind and become an observer of your own thoughts.  You will learn to harness the power of your own mind, eliminating any negative and destructive thought processes, down regulating the stress response, creating a state of peace, happiness and wellbeing.

The human mind is a wonderful thing allowing us to action our thoughts, get things done, get though our working day and be creative.  The busyness of modern-day life however can, more often than not, cause our mind to overthink.

Consequently, the mind can end up creating a lot of unnecessary thought, non-existent problems and ultimately a lot of unnecessary unhappiness. People don’t realise that a significant part of unhappiness in their lives is generated by unnecessary negative and destructive mind activity. What we often don’t realise is that these unnecessary, negative and destructive thoughts are making us sick. When we create negative thoughts, creating problems and worry because of the size of the human neocortex we can literally turn on the body’s stress response simply by thought alone.

“It’s a scientific fact that the hormones of stress downregulate genes and create disease, long term.”  Dr Joe Dispenza

Part 3 (Day 3) – The Soul

Sunday 1st December 2024

Can you imagine that you are something more than just a thinking mind housed in a physical body? Something more than just your humanness?

In this workshop you will learn that you are more than just a physical being with a thinking mind and that your physical being houses a soul. That soul is the all-knowing voice within. It’s the intuitive sense, the gut feeling, the innate knowing that transcends rational thought. Your soul inherently understands what resonates with your true self, discerning right from wrong. Trusting this innate wisdom, you’ll find assurance in knowing that your soul steadfastly supports you, guiding you toward alignment with your deepest desires and aspirations.

You will learn how to connect with your soul.  You will learn to discern what information comes to you from your thinking mind and what comes from your soul. You will learn how to reconnect with something that is beyond our humanness and our earthliness. Reconnecting with your soul, you will begin to experience yourself as a spiritual being with higher perspective, with more objectivity that goes beyond the ego mind.

“We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.” 

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

It is your soul’s purpose to love and guide you from a higher level of consciousness, but still require your physical body and thinking mind to function, enabling you to live a life of peace, love and understanding.

On completing all 3 workshops you will learn how to bring balance back into your life, unifying Body, Mind, and Soul.

Allow spiritual inspiration and direction into your life, staying attuned to your own life’s purpose, using your physical body and thinking mind to implement all that you do.

Know who you are and become that!

Workshop 2 (3 days)

Brief Summary

Part 1/Day 1 – Sunday 02/03/25 – Energy and your Energetic Being

Part 2/Day 2 – Sunday 06/04/25 – The Chakra System

Part3/Day 3 – Sunday 18/05/25 – Heart & Brain Coherence

Detailed information on the above workshop will be shared nearer the start date.

Workshop 3 (3 Days)

Brief Summary

Part 1/Day 1 – Sunday 17/08/25 – Connection to Your Spiritual Guides

Part 2/ Day 2 – Sunday 21/09/25 – Connection to Your Guardian Angel

Part 3/Day 3 – Sunday 02/11/25 – Connection to Your Higher Self

Detailed information on the above workshop will be shared nearer the start date.