Mental Health in the Workplace

I absolutely agree with the point the article makes regarding Organisational Culture and the role Senior Management Teams play in how that culture is brought to life for its employees, on a daily basis. I’ve have had first-hand experience of this myself, over the last few decades as a Senior Manager/Managing Director.

Covid 19 demonstrated with catastrophic clarity the effects of isolation, similar in kind with the isolation that Mental Illness can create for its sufferer and the people around them. The need for human interaction, compassion, empathy, and understanding is something we can all give and benefit from. Kindness is free, isn’t it?

Yoga has taught me many things, but one thing is for certain. My mental health, wellbeing and outlook on life has undoubtedly changed for the better. Studies have shown how meditation, breath work and asana practise can have a significant effect on stress, anxiety, depression, and mental health, improving the quality of life, outside and inside the workplace.

If you would like to contribute positively to your employee’s mental health and wellbeing, not just in the short term, but the long term, Yoga and the science of Yoga is something that your staff can carry with them on a daily basis, for the rest of their lives. It’s always there for you, right in the moment, when you might not be having such an enjoyable day. And always there when you’re having the best of days.

If you would like to explore opportunities regarding how Kindred could help you and your work workforce live happier, healthier lives, please do get in touch.

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