Being out and about this week, I could really feel the change in the season. Summer feels like it has truly gone and replaced by the freshness of Autumn.  I love this season. I can feel the energy starting to change and shift. Hearing the geese flying in the sky when I was out walking reminds of being a child and the signal that it was starting to get colder. Children’s minds are wonderful and I used to think that they were flying of on their holidays to somewhere warm and sunny. This week however I found out that they actually are coming here (Scotland) from somewhere colder. Thank you to the lovely lady who explained this to me this week. Every day is a school day, that’s for sure.  I do secretly still like the idea of these incredible birds packing their suitcases, rounding up their besties, and heading off to the beach somewhere.

With the changing of the seasons, we talked about the topic of Change in class this week.  Change is an inevitable part of life.  We recognise that everything, everywhere is in a state of change, but interestingly, we often resist it.  We can all think of moments or times in our life when we wanted to freeze frame it, stay in the moment or recreate it because it takes us to a place when we’ve perhaps had fun, felt emotion, felt a connection, to something or someone or somewhere.  When certain situations occur in our lives that feel brutal, unfair, painful, or unkind even, we often want things to go back to how they were, even when we understand this can’t happen.

This week, maybe reflect on change. Do you resist or are you currently resisting change? Do you embrace it? Maybe take some time to reflect and look at why that might be so.

Yoga gives us the space, the stillness, and the opportunity to slow down and understand ourselves better. The opportunity to look inside, connect to ourselves, and to be present. Self-study can be scary, often jarring but also potentially transformational.

Change - Autumn leaves - Kindred

If you want to make a change but haven’t as yet, what is it that’s holding you back?

Nothing ever stays the same as we all know.  Present moment awareness enables us to never miss a wonderful experience because we are only focusing on the moment, we are in. No past, no future, just now.  If you find you’re constantly thinking ahead, take a few moments every day to come back to the present moment and just be in it. Anchor yourself with the breath and take a moment to connect.

Know that when we feel less than our best, or that current experiences are not what we might have chosen for ourselves, there is always an opportunity for change because nothing ever stays the same.

Our class quote this week was:

“Change can be risky,

It can be difficult,

It can also be beautiful and it will always show you more of yourself.

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly”.


KP xxx